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Paris Olympics 1900, was the first time when women entered in international games. Only 22 of 997 athletes were women, Some frowning eyes doubted their ability to stand in front of bearded athletes, while some showed sympathy to the submissive gender. Riding a long journey of courageous upliftment, London Olympics 2012, was the first time when women registered their presence in every sport. Approximately 45 percent of athletes were women, and most of them are big names with their huge fan following.

Three Ways Women in Martial Arts Earn Respect from the Opposite Sex

For next Pyeongchang Olympics 2019, 93 nations are flying to South Korea to compete, where women athletes are set to make their presence like never before. Throughout the world, there are many gender empowerment activities being done, and most of these have been really successful in changing the way people look at the women play sports. There was a time when people used to question a girl's interest in sports, but gradually the time came, when they accepted their liking of sports, but hesitated to pay the equality with men.

Now it's the time, when Women are not only revered as an athlete but also they are put on the same list as men. Martial Art women are awesome, it is no doubt that all women martial artist not only fights at Dojo but also with the people's mindset daily. Here are three ways, women martial artist get respect from opposite sex.

  • God has gifted women with the ability to sense the other's mind and read the faces. When a woman enters a class, which is male-dominated, she first grabs the attention of other students. She reads the questioning faces, and to answer them she has to wear confidence in her personality, attitude and her practice. When a women practices and compete against the men, she gets more powerful than ever, because the myth of being weaker is broken. This confidence allows her to gain a huge respect for opposite sex.

  • Women are born with the ability of diligence, perseverance, and consistency. Whatever they do, they do it with complete dedication. Martial Art techniques demand all abilities of women, so women perfectly fit the martial art. While practicing techniques, women get to feel their power and mitigate the weakness. Techniques become easy and gain strength with the practice. They are often compared with the legend women athletes like Gina Carano, who brought women MMA forward. This is indeed a prideful movement to be compared with huge personalities.

  • Women are not only a good practitioner but also a perfect trainer. Women feel the things more deeply. They sense the difficulties and hurdles of practice in a deeper way than a man. The real knowledge emerges from self-realization, which is inhibited the quality of women. No one dares to dispute the capabilities of women martial artist when they show the knowledge. Plus, trainers also support women, because it shows a trainer's effort and impressive pedagogy. Being awarded as a best among the peer becomes really WOW moment.

Yes, women are equally capable to men, and their soft nature does not show their weakness. "Politeness is the highest virtue."