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Each one of us has some crucial decisions to make in life, and every decision has some reason driving. Similarly, the new person coming to the community of martial arts will have a reason of his own. It may be to get to some professional rank in the field, or to improve personal skill set, or to get in a better mental and physical health. Martial arts is no easy form of sport to learn in a month or two, it requires much patience and perseverance along with hard work. In order make some real accomplishments in this field, you ought to take care of a big obstacle viz. EGO. It is a natural emotion when expressed in a controlled amount, but can be the most dangerous emotion of mankind if not organized on time.

Ego and the Martial Arts

This an ever going learning process of martial arts training, it doesn't stop even after you attain a black belt for yourself. You need to install a habit of learning throughout, be an eternal student for this beautiful sport. No matter whichever form of martial arts you follow, if ego comes in the way it's all gone. From that day you will not be able to absorb the training and teaching of your master. Most people think, they made their way to the black belt, now it's enough. They stop learning and soon the memory starts to rot and thus the skills too. If you have been lucky enough to come across the art of Dojo, then you must be knowing ego is your enemy.

You are not in the ring to beat your opponent to bleed, you are there to learn new techniques from your adversary. Yes, learning is just not for the training school, in a real fight also you can gather much from your opponent just be focusing on his/her moves carefully.

Martial arts teaches you to be humble and possess a subtle behavioral nature in daily life. A martial arts enthusiast must enjoy the humility this art teaches them and not rush towards being fluent in style. The richer you are in inner calm, the better you'll be in martial arts.

Sometimes, you search something over the web and feel your instructor is going diverged in teaching you. It may be a case or the trainer might have something else in mind. So, don't exaggerate the topic and shout on the trainer in your next session; rather go to your trainer and calmly talk to them about your thoughts. One of the many martial arts legend, Bruce Lee once quoted that all the punches and kicks you learn in martial arts are the tools to kill inner ego. It is absolutely true. Enhance your skills via learning through various forms of martial arts, if you got through a certain level in one form, experiment with it more and then try to go for a new form. It is a very vast world, having much depth for you to discover. So, don't let ego come in the way of your journey!